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Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22

Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22

SKU: ardy-22
Give your lower body a more desirable shape with this body shaper. The Manufacturer recently modified this style crotch area (between legs) for sizes 34-48 to have velcro instead of the original design with snaps (hook and eye) in BLACK and BEIGE colors only. The smaller sizes from 22-32 and larger sizes from 50-60 will still have the same snap closure between legs. This modification has been made to provide greater comfort for customers. Our inventory comes with mix inventory, you may call our Customer Service Department to know/request which version you will get.

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  • The Manufacturer recently modified this style crotch area (between legs) for sizes 34-48 to have velcro closure instead of the original design with snaps (hook and eye) in BLACK and BEIGE colors only. Our inventory comes with mix inventory, you may call our Customer Service Department to know which version you will get
  • The smaller sizes from 24 to 32 and larger sizes from 50 to 60 will still have the same snap closure between legs
  • This modification has been made to provide greater comfort for customers
  • Made of sturdy, lightweight fabric
  • 3 rows of hooks for easy adjustment
  • Shoulder straps with 3-row hooks to correct your posture
  • Supports your back
  • Side panels that make your hips thinner and lift your butt
  • With hook opening in the leg area


Customer Reviews (61)

Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22Review by Bubulicious
Product Rating
I love it and I now look sexy n also have a waist. But thinking of going to the lil gals room is torcher can't clip it back after doing my business. Do smthin about the middle, apart from that I love my body magic yo.
(Posted on 11/19/10)
done a good job for my shape and uplifts the breastReview by jollie
Product Rating
The first time I wore it,could not believe how it shaped me up at the right places.My tummy looked flat and my breast was uplifted.My boyfriend and family could not help complimenting me. (Posted on 11/12/10)
Love it but (2)Review by hkingskids
Product Rating
I love the product. Makes me feel sexy but I have problem @ rest room time. Snaps are hard to get off and impossible to get back on especially in the curved area. I am a letter carrier and would love to wear it daily but because I have to fight with the snaps I only wear my once a week and special occasions. Help!!!!!! (Posted on 11/11/10)
its cool,going to the wash room is the only problem. Review by debby
Product Rating
its cool,going to the wash room is the only problem. in the review let there be a zip or something that will make it easy to use the wash room (Posted on 11/10/10)
this is super good.Review by inni
Product Rating
I look super good with this product. my husband feels proud of me. (Posted on 11/9/10)
I love this. Great body shaper but cant use the restroom convenietly. this problem may be solved if you made it with a huge hole, zipper or velcro for easy bathroom breaks. txReview by finest
Product Rating
fantastic product but difficult to undress in public toilets. TX (Posted on 11/2/10)
Product Rating
Everybody But MeReview by Queen Chand
Product Rating
I know the body magic works. All of my daughters, nieces, their female cousins and friends have purchased Ardyss products and swear by them. We all started with Ardyss Product 22-P, however, several have moved on to purchase different styles. Ardyss is the yahoo in my family. I also purchased the 22-P with excitement and anticipation, but never attempted to try it on, because I had no occasion to wear it. I am a mama whom works and goes straight home. One of my daughters is getting married Saturday,November 27, 2010 (after Thanksgiving).
The bride to be bought my Mother of the Bride dress and it is gorgeous. We were all excited at the fitting; for the first time I was going to put on my Ardyss body magic.
It was still in the same Fed -X delivery box (which I still have). A black 22-P and 2 black Ardyss bras. Everything was too small, therefore, I could not fit into any of the items. I am now and have been for the last ten years a size 16. How about my 22-P is a 30??? and the bras are size 34??? Honestly, I know it is my fault for not opening up and trying on the product, but I did not even imagine my sizes would be wrong when EVERYBODY else received the right sizes with no problems or complaints. Now what? $185.00 later and what can I do? I am not looking for any monetary refund at all. Can somebody at ARDYSS help me, please? We cannot locate the lady that placed all of the orders for us. All I want are correct sizes. One black 36 22-P and two 38 black bras. I am willing to pay whatever is required. Yes, I do realize and understand deadline for return has past. This is on me by taking for granted my order like eveybody elses was in tact. It is my fault. I have the invoice that arrived inside initial delivery and read it entirely. Know that I accept full responsibility, but what can I do at this point. Help me pleeeeeze - I'm desparate!! (Posted on 10/30/10)
I LOVE IT!!!Review by Lady Vee
Product Rating
I love how it makes look almost "high school skinny". I have a waist line, the girls are high & lifted. I just have the price went up, I NEED to order another on asap!!! (Posted on 10/29/10)
y'all shut up!!!Review by baby gal
Product Rating
i dont know what y'all sayin. am mega uncomfortable in this thingit pushes my brweats up too high and I can't bend over. i have to sit slightly reclined to be comfortable and.... I could go on and on! (Posted on 10/21/10)
sew a zipper into itReview by hi
Product Rating
sew a zipper into the botom to make it easyer to go to the washroom (Posted on 10/20/10)
super a+Review by amoke
Product Rating
i love it it make me feel cool and sexy my friends love it ,anytime i put it on i feel proud recommend it for all women who wants to look young.keep it up. thaks (Posted on 10/19/10)
thrusting of boobsReview by Gbemi
Product Rating
its good alright but i dont like the thrusting of my boobs. makes me feel uncomfortable. (Posted on 10/15/10)
feel good and its good productReview by lynn
Product Rating
they are always telling me your fat,and now one of my firend told me i didnt recognize you.and one of my friend too she has the big eyes when she look at me.i love it.... (Posted on 10/8/10)
l love itReview by naana
Product Rating
am loving it so much but going to the lol is not easy at all (Posted on 10/5/10)
I love it butReview by somewhere in NJ
Product Rating
I love the way the bodymagic holds everything in place and I havent looked this good in years in my clothes. It just gives you that extra sex appeal and confidence thats always needed for us women. the only problem I have is that if you wear this with jeans or dress pants you can see the bottom of the bodymagic. I'm a size 18 and so far it looks best on my body type with dresses only. other than that I love it. (Posted on 10/5/10)
Cooool Solutuion!!Review by Debbie (20)
Product Rating
hey gals!

I'm not one for writing reviews but i seriously recommend this one! i'm an english size 12/14( i'll hasten to add that's after my most recent diet;) i was a 16/18...)
believe me when i put this on i look no less than a size 10! its totally cool and what's more, it is really comfy to the point that i will never leave my house without!! i'm not so sure about the losing weight bit...but who can complain about that...we all know it takes more effort than that..

just online to order another two....thought i would share this miracle with others;)

all the best- have fun feeling sexy!! (Posted on 10/4/10)
Good but...Review by Goobie
Product Rating
This product flattened my tummy qite well but it made my boobs look unnaturally high and thrusting! What do I do about this? (Posted on 10/1/10)
AwesomeReview by Toya 757
Product Rating
Okay well I order the body magic system 07/16/2010 and received it 07/19/2010. I was extremely pleased with such a quick deliver time. Then I got home and tried it on. The garment is hard to put on I won't lie. It does very LITTLE stretching so please be careful when choosing a size. After about thirty minutes of squeezing and stuffing with my boyfriends help it was on and I was HAPPY :). Surprisingly I could breath it wasn't as uncomfortable as I was expecting. Good luck to anyone else looking to order the garment!! (Posted on 7/21/10)
Love it but ...Review by Almost Fifty
Product Rating
I love my Body Magic shaper. I'm a size 18 but recently found a size 14 jersey dress on sale and bought it. I put on my Body Magic and slip on the dress. I went "WOW" I was actually in a size 14. I looked fabulous. The garment forces me to stand up straight and actually makes me feel better helping to alleviate neck tension since there are periods when I have to spend a lot of time at my desk in front of a computer.

I do have one request. I wish the garment came in two parts top & bottom. I still haven't quite mastered unsnapping and re-snapping at the leg. So being able to pull down only the bottom.

But, even with that I five it four out of four stars. I have no complaints. I haven't looked or felt this good in clothes in 25 years. Thanks for this garment. (Posted on 6/26/10)

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